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PAL is composed of a group of students from all over the world. We believe that having an education is a fundamental part of any individual’s success.

Moreover, we understand how lucky we are and believe that everyone else deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. On this basic agreement, we joined our hands together for the betterment of the world of some less-fortunate people. We may not change the world completely but certainly make a difference, at least in some lives. PAL is not merely “helpers”, but also literally a PAL, meaning a buddy or a friend. We treat and want to be treated nothing more or less than friends.

Since we are a completely student-run organization we believe student involvement is vital to our success.  We are constantly seeking new PALs.

If you are interested in volunteering or involving your school please contact us through the contact page.


PAL’s mission is to bridge the financial gap between underprivileged children, struggling, educational institutions and fortunate individuals.

This entails filling the overall need for school supplies, improving educational facilities and enhancing both social and economic development for children across the globe.


We seek to provide schools and students with the tools necessary to allow them to gain the essential education they need. As of now, these tools include necessary educational needs such as backpacks and classroom supplies. In the near future, we plan on providing need-based scholarships for students who excel in their studies despite their unfortunate circumstances. We are willing to accept any members that are passionate to help PAL grow and expand our strong connection throughout schools and colleges in every corner of the globe. PAL’s mission is not only to help these students but also to better ourselves through unique experiences. “The giving of love is an education in itself” – Eleanor Roosevelt.